How to install extensions with Shopunity (Video)

So now you know what is Shopunity, how do you actually use it? 

Well, the first and most important feature of the Shopunity is installing new modules with a click of a button. Installation was always an issue for OpenCart users. Let's face it - no one likes FTPs and Zip files. Even developers enjoy "npm" and "composer". But before we can do an install, lets learn the ground rules. 

What is the ground rules of Shopunity installation process?

The main principles of Shopunity installation:

  1. No files should be overwritten unless they are updated by a new version.
  2. No core files should every be altered directly. 
  3. Modifications to core files should be made via Events, if not possible - via Ocmod, if not possible - via Vqmod (less likely)
  4. All uploaded files should be specified in the extension.json

These are the ground rules of Shopunity installation process. The whole Shopunity system is built on top of them and it is simply impossible to avoid them. The module will not pass the system validation. 

How to install the Shopunity Module?

To install any extension via Shopunity you need to have a Shopunity extension installed on your OpenCart shop. Shopunity is only available for Opencart 2 and above. This is the only part where you will need FTP and a Zip file. 

Let's use the Extension installer in OpenCart.

  1. Download the latest version of Shopunity Module from
  2. Go to Admin -> Extensions -> Extension installer
  3. Upload the file
  4. Go to Admin -> Extension -> Modules and install Shopuntiy module.
  5. Edit Shopunity Settings and click Connect

If you have some difficulties using the Extension installer, you may need to install a nice hack from iSenseLabs first.

You can also install the extension the old way with FTP.

  1. Unzip the archive
  2. Upload all the files from the UPLOAD folder into your webshop root folder (where OpenCart was installed)
  3. Continue to your Admin -> Extension -> Modules and install Shopunity module.

How to install a Free Extension with Shopunity?

So now you have Shopunity module installed and connected to your Shopunity Account. Please remember that Shopunity is here to help you manage your extensions and installations. Nothing else. 

  1. Go to Admin -> Extension -> Modules -> Shopunity module 
  2. After you have connected your shop, go to Market
  3. Use the search to find Visual Designer (or any other module you want)
  4. If it is free, you will see the option to Install this module -> click Install
  5. A pop up will show with the installation details -> click install
  6. If you have installed a module a Admin button will show - click Admin

Now you have installed and setup your first free Extension. 

How to install a Commercial Extension with Shopunity?

Shopunity allows developers to offer both free and commercial Extensions.

When you purchase a module on Shopunity, you get

  • the last current version for lifetime
  • the ability to update your extension for the provided period with a click of a button 
  • ability to extend the license period for just a fraction of the initial cost and save 

To purchase an extension you simple need to add Shopunity credit to your Shopunity account. 

  1. Got to Shopunity Billing -> Transactions
  2. Click Add money
  3. Follow the PayPal instructions to add Shopunity Credit. 
  4. Go to your Store Admin -> Extensions -> Modules -> Shopunity module
  5. Find the Extension in the Market and click get it
  6. A pop up will offer you the option to use a Voucher or Shopunity Credit. Click Credit.
  7. If you have enough Credit, the system will create an order, then an invoice and pay it for you. 
  8. After that you can click install to download and install the extension just like a free one with a click of a button.

As you can see, the process is very straightforward. That's how we want to keep it. We are constantly updating the system and these steps may change and will probably reduce. 

We hope you will enjoy using Shopunity and we are looking forward to your ideas. Help us make Shopunity the number one Extension manager for OpenCart.

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