What is Shopunity?

Extension Manager

Shopunity is an Extension manager with dependency support. You may have heard of Composer for Php and NPM for NodeJS. Well Shopunity is very much the same, only for Opencart.

For Users

Customers use Shopunity to install and update their extensions with a click of a button, just like you would install, update or delete a plugin in wordpress.

and For Developers

Developers use Shopunity for repid development of their extensions. So now a developer can specify a dependency in a json file, and it will be uploaded and installed automaticly in the backend. Pretty neat, eh?

How Shopunity works

Download and install Shopunity Module

Create an account with the Shopunity service

Connect your shopunity module with your account

Start installing modules with a click of a button

With Shopunity module you get access to hundreds of opencart extensions that you can install and update with a click of a button. It's like having an AppStore inside your opencart admin panel.
Great Marketplace
Browse the marketplace for free and commercial extensions.
Free & Commercial
Download free extensions or use a trial period with commercial ones.
Easy Install
Installing is easy - just click the button.
Just like in an AppStore.
Quick Update
Just like installing - update your extensions to the latest version with a click
Cancel Order
Every commercial extension has a trial period when you can cancel an order without paying.
Clean Delete
You can now actually delete your extension and be sure all the files are removed.