Why do I need Shopunity

The quickest answer - you don't... if you want to do it the old way.

Shopunity is a extension manager with dependency support. It makes it easy for OpenCart Developers to share and reuse code, and it makes it easy to update the code that you're sharing. Making complex extensions became super easy and fast for us. If you know NPM for NodeJS or Composer for PHP, you already know what Shopunity is. 

It makes it easy for OpenCart Developers to share and reuse code.

Why would anyone use Shopunity?

Because its just simpler to use it then not to. It saves time and money. No need to upload a bunch of files via ftp or updating with extension installer. No need to pay developers to install and setup for you. Its all one click away.

It also saves time for a developer by reusing another developers code and focusing on building something awesome right away. We know because we are using it everyday. 

It saves time and money

We saved hours and hours of developers time with Shopunity. We test all our modules right in Shopunity by generating demo OpenCart sites and running the modules there. We create libraries that we then reuse in other modules. We have a version control to install only those versions, that are specifically set with SemVer.

By the way, Shopunity works with semantic versioning, just like NPM or composer. 

Who can use Shopunity?

Anyone! Really, if you have an OpenCart 2.x and over - you can use Shopunity to install a free extension or use the trial period to test a commercial one. 

Anyone can use it!

If you are a OpenCart developer - use Shopunity for rapid development, connect it to your GitHub or BitBucket and set up continues integration. Thats how we work.

Do I need to pay for Shopunity?

No, The system is absolutely free. And you can install free extensions for free. 

We also have commercial extensions in the system, and those ones will require you to purchase a license. For connected shops you can purchase a 1 or 2 year license (every module has its own conditions). And after the license expires, you get to keep the last updated version of the Extension for lifetime. But you can reset your license and get the updates for a lower fee. 

Nope, its all free

I hope I managed to answer most of the "hard" questions about Shopunity. Bottom line is we just love using it and we are sure your will love to. 

Here is an old video I made. Enjoy!